The Christmas Toy Factory Museum, 6+

The Toy Factory Museum reopened in Sokolniki Park and will be open until the end of the New Year holidays. This is our 10th anniversary season!

Who started the tradition of celebrating New Year and when? How do children and adults in other countries celebrate the holiday and who comes to greet them with presents?

Here you will immerse yourself in magical nostalgia, see a large collection of modern Christmas decorations and toys from your childhood, show them to your children and share with them your fondest childhood memories of this family friendly holiday.

You will find an answer to the question ‘which toys are more beautiful: Soviet or modern?

And besides the toys themselves you will see how a glass blower blows balls out of a glass tube, how they are coated with silver, and later, with the help of artists, with patterns, pictures and glitter.

By the way, during the workshop you can even decorate the balloons on your own using glitter.

The museum also has a lovely Christmas decorations shop with prices from the manufacturers.

The museum is located 100 metres away from the park’s main entrance, to the right of the Sokolinaya Okhota restaurant.

The museum is open every day from 10 to 18 (closed only on December 31).

We look forward to seeing you!

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