The art of the Egyptologist M.M.Potapov

During the visit to the Perm region, the team of the Association of Private Museums of Russia headed by Alexey Shaburov visited the memorial house of the artist, Egyptologist and icon painter Mikhail Mikhailovich Potapov in Solikamsk.

The museum was founded in 1992 by Potapov’s student, the transferee of his artistic legacy S.I.Lapin on the 20-letiya Pobedy str. in a modest two-bedroom flat, which belonged to the icon painter and Egyptologist. For more than 20 years (1984-2007), it was a place where an honorary freeman of Solikamsk, an honorary academician of the Russian Pushkin Academy, a member of the Creative Artists’s Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists M.M.Potapov lived and worked. This flat became his last retreat in the long and difficult life, as well as a painting studio and a sort of club. After Mikhail Mikhailovich  passed away, his apartment became one of the city museums.

Visitors of the house-museum of M. M. Potapov have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the amazing and different world of this wonderful artist. It’s home to his personal objects with their amazing stories, his favorite books, some of which are one of a kind, souvenirs and gifts from different cities and countries, and thousands of documents and letters, priceless because of their historical, literary, artistic, and aesthetic truth.