Souvenirs of the Balalaika Museum

Souvenirs of the Balalaika Museum

Recently, the souvenirs of the Balalaika Museum came back from the district level of the All-Russian Contest Touristic Souvenir-2021 in the Volga Federal District.

The museum souvenir box Balalaiker ranked number 2 in the Museum Souvenir nomination!

What’s inside the box:

– a souvenir balalaika (yes, you can play it, strings and tuning pegs are real);

– a double-faced cap;

– a wooden pin;

– an invitation to the Balalaika Museum.

By the way, the box is available for order and delivery Russia-wide.

The national final is waiting ahead in Saransk. And the chance to compete for the title of the best museum souvenir of Russia. Last season, the Balalaika Museum won the Grand Prix for a balalaika with Kuzovatov painting.

We thank Rail Valeev and the Agency for Tourism of the Ulyanovsk region for the opportunity to present our souvenir at the competition!




The museum is a member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia.


Museum address: Ulyanovsk, Bebel st., Building 19

Phone: +7 (927) 820-10-23


Working hours: daily 12:00-19:00

Ticket price: admission – 150 rubles, excursion – 250 rubles, workshop – 400 rubles.

Before planning your visit, please contact us via the ways mentioned above to learn about current ticket prices and details of the visit under the COVID restrictions in the region.