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Shaburov A., Director of the Association of private museums visited museums of Kolomna and Ryazan

Shaburov A., Director of the Association of the private museums visited 2 cities of Moscow region, Kolomna and Ryazan, while in a time of his trip he visited 6 very attractive museums. 4 of them: The Museum-Navigator, The Museum of missing taste “Kolomenskaya pastille”, The Museum and Residency “Artkommunarka. Erofeev and Co.”, and finally the Museum “Kalachnaya” were established by Nikitina N., who’s working on the field social entrepreneurship.

Nikitina Natalia has a scope of awards. First of all, she is a three-time winner of the “Changing museum in the changing world” competition; also she was a laureate of the Competition of National Russian Presidential Projects in the field of culture for grants. As an addition, Natalia is the winner of “Open museum” competition and the winner of Regional competition of Projects in the field of Social Entrepreneurship in 2010 year, also she took part at the international project “The Best Heritage” and at last, she is a prize winner of Russian National Competition “Custodians of  heritage 2013”.

Every museum, administrated by Nikitina Natalia is worthy of special attention.

Guests can get acquainted with the artifacts, which played the most important role in the development of the city. “Money” of Kolomna, famous pot of Kolomna, golden silk fabric decorated by the brocade fancywork and picturesque chinaware manufactured at Kudinovs’factory brightly demonstrate trade and handicraft variety of city. Museum decided to meet guests and history by the performance and put on an act “Bylie”, acting by the small group of thespians – Bolshakov Pavel and Fillipov Valery. The story is based on the novels of Boris Pilnyak.

At the museum “Kalachanaya”, guest could know the secret of baking of traditional Russian bakery named “kalach”, which Kolomna is best known for. While doughing and forming the bakery, museum employees tell about the origin of such Russian proverbs as “raskatat’ gubu” (en: open one’s mouth too wide), “zakatat’ gubu” (en: roll one’s lip), “doyti do ruchki” (en: arrive at one’s finger-ends), etc. For the groups of 10-40 visitors the museum suggest participating in literary evening, where guests can also enjoy tasty dinner or supper (their own choice) come up with the ancient traditional recipes.

The Museum and Residency “Artkommunarka. Erofeev and Co.” presents us the typical way of living in 1960s. There are different areas: first of all there is an art-residency (workshop) for artists and writers. They live here, time to time changing each other, and create new masterpieces or pieces of literature. Usually, per year Residency has 7 guests: 5 artists and 2 writers from different corners of Europe and Russia. Also there are a lot of educational classes, master-classes, meetings with experts, lectures, different music events. No doubt, such activity either makes creative people join or create so required for modern urban people space for intellectual mind.

The Museum of missing taste “Kolomenskaya pastille” has an advantage. Owners decided to bring back to life 14 taste of popular at the medieval sweets made from apple, called “pastille”, Kolomna is known for this sweet, at the period of Medieval it was very popular among Russians. Today citizens of Kolomna share this missing secret at the master-classes and traditional tea sessions.

Let’s move on to Ryazan museums. Except above mentioned Museums there is an interesting project started by Kseniya Panacheva, famous Ryazan tour guide. Ksenia is a guide, which shows you unusual and non-touring places, which probably non-included to the guide-book. The project is a historical saloon “Bouquet of time”. The exposition of the saloon tells us a story of world-widely famous businessmen, Maksimillian Faktorovich, who was the founder of brand of cosmetics. Few people know that the meteorical career of founder of Max Factor brand started in the small Russian town, Ryazan. The house he lived still exists (address; 48, Sobornaya street), originally it was a hairdressing saloon with a small trade shop, where clients could buy cosmetics, perfume or hand-made false hair.        

The Museum of the History of Edged Weapons named after V.A. Zakharov moved to Ryazan from the city of Salavat of the Republic of Bashkortostan in 2016 after the death of its founder Vitaly Alexandrovich Zakharov, who considered it very important to bring the history of his country to the younger generation. The museum presents thematic expositions: “The Patriotic War of 1812”, “The History of the Cossacks”, “Melee weapons of the country of the Soviets”, “The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945”, “Melee weapons of the world”. Each of them is supplemented by objects of art and everyday life of the period presented.

According to the opinion of Shaburov A., Director of the Association of private museums, his trip to the museums was very useful. It let him the opportunity to contact with the museum practice, gather interesting ideas, moreover it was very helpful to specify the potential directions of cooperation.