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Seven reasons to visit the Yuri Novikov Ceramics Museum in Sochi

Unexpected discoveries and amazing emotions are guaranteed. Here you are sure to:

Feel not only the geographical extent, but also the creative depth of the city of Sochi, the very “genius of the place” that connects spiritual, emotional, intellectual phenomena with their material environment.

Be surprised to discover the “island” of St. Petersburg culture in the southern province, created by the talent of an outstanding artist, whose work was influenced by the personal acquaintance with the great Anna Akhmatova, Marc Chagall, Anna Leporskaya, a student of Kazimir Malevich, who inspired Yuri Novikov with the ideas of the artistic system of Suprematism.

Remember the imperishable lines of Nikolai Zabolotsky: “Love the painting, poets! After all, it was the only one gifted with transferring the changeable soul signs to … ” amazingly beautiful plastic images. Yuri Novikov is a true poet of ceramics!

Admit that the art not only gives joy, but also sets world records of beauty and craftsmanship when you see the highest painted tiled stove in the world (an officially recognized record) with unique and non-repeating stories!

Learn the secret of the restoration of the unique tiled stoves of the Peterhof Grand Palace in St. Petersburg and a few other secrets about the origin of the unique tiled fireplaces in the buildings of the Russian embassies in Madrid, Vienna, Washington, as well as in private homes of the Russian political elite.

Become the owner of a masterpiece, the works of art made of ceramics or handmade souvenirs, after learning that the works of Yuri Novikov are stored in museums and private collections in St. Petersburg, Moscow, New York, Vienna, Madrid and Brussels and many, many other countries and cities.

Get a unique opportunity to try yourself as a creator in the same house, at the same table where Yuri Novikov’s unique works were created, taking a master class led by his devoted students.