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RT told about the Private Museum of Russian Gusli and Chinese Guqin

“Vo sadu li v ogorode devitsa gulyala, u nei rusaya kosa da lenta golubaya” [excerpt from a Russian folk song]… RT channel aired a story filmed at the Museum of Russian Gusli and Chinese Guqin. The material is dedicated to the Russian gusli. In the story, the founders of the museum Alexei Shaburov and Dmitry Paramonov talked about how they first met each other, which resulted in creation of the museum, what a profound meaning it carries in itself, as well as about the variety of forms and types of gusli, music performed on this ancient instrument, and transmission of traditions of playing the gusli.

“Now, in the 21st century, when we come to the village, we can still record music performed by my grandmother on an ancient instrument – the gusli. Surprisingly, we can, – says Dmitry Paramonov. “We have a live opportunity to orally, from person to person, adopt and pass on folk musical traditions to both children and adults. Today, there is a growing appreciation of originality and exclusivity in the world. And then it is important to be not just a consumer of someone else’s ideas. It is important to bring something of your own and unusual to the general world culture, and to supplement it and thereby enrich the society.”