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  • “Rowan Land” continued its work as part of the projects “Family Harmony” and “Khorovod of Cultures”

“Rowan Land” continued its work as part of the projects “Family Harmony” and “Khorovod of Cultures”

The projects are supported by the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives and the Ministry of the Interior of the Murmansk Region.

The woodworking workshop series “Trudovik” continues!

In the old days, boys learned woodworking from their fathers.  At first, kids would hold and hand tools, then learned to do simple operations, that is they “did every challenge once” and were always praised for the result.

The same way the boys at the workshop acquired woodworking skills under the guidance of experienced craftsmen, started to work with electric tools, and proudly showed us the results of their work!

Today, to the delight of the boys, they tried their hand at making cars.

They sketched the design themselves and transferred sketches to the wood, cut the shape out using the electric tool under the watchful eyes of the masters, sanded it, made spinning wheels, mounted them, added color, and off they went!

Many thanks to the masters Dmitry and Andrey, who kindly took the time to come to the “Rowan Land” and share their knowledge and experience with the boys!

We were very glad to have fathers and grandfathers in the workshop!


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