Puppet Museum “World of Puppets” 12+

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia – the Puppet Museum “World of Puppets” The founders of the museum are Marina Nikolaevna Danilova and Natalia Alexeevna Koldysheva.

N. Danilova has been collecting porcelain dolls of internationally renowned authors, fashion dolls and BJDs for almost 20 years; over the past few years she has been restoring traditions of classic porcelain doll making, collecting and summarizing the history of doll making in Russia and abroad, making porcelain dolls. After organizing and conducting the exhibition “World of Dolls” in Ryazan, dedicated to the City Day in August 2021, in view of huge positive feedback from visitors it was decided to organize Ryazan Dolls Museum, which would include workshops on doll making, repairs and creating images, thematic master-classes, tours, theme parties, as well as holding interactive events with other museums and interesting guests of the Dolls Salon.

Contacted the Ryazan City Administration and met with a positive response – lenta.ru/news/2021/09/13/dolls/

The museum exposition (based on the private collection of M.N. Danilova) includes more than 1500 exhibits from the United States, Germany, Korea, Japan and Russia. Among the exhibits are works by famous dollmakers, such as Marie Osmand, Pamela Eff, Pamela Phillips, Diana Effner, Flynn Campbell, Susan Viking, Titu Tomescu, Ashton Drake Galleries and others, as well as BJD dolls by Fairyland, Dollmore, Momocolor, Iplehouse, Lillycat Cerisedolls and others, fashion dolls by American manufacturers Integrity, Tonner and the Japanese Sekiguchi Co.

There are also antique porcelain dolls, dolls’ playthings (prams, high chairs, etc.), as well as play dolls from the Russian and Soviet era (the private collection of N. A. Koldysheva).

Museum address: 37, Pervomaysky Prospekt, Ryazan.

Director +7 (951) 107-77-79

Record, schedule +7 (910) 508-06-03 Natalia