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Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives! 12+

Congratulations to the Museum of Folk Life and Traditional Crafts on winning the Presidential Foundation for Cultural initiatives competition!

“This year was the first year we applied for a grant organised by the Foundation, and our project won!

We had a stereotype that participating in a grant was a very time-consuming and complicated, and we didn’t know how to approach it. But after opening the guidelines on the Foundation’s website, we saw that all the necessary information for applying for a grant was accurate, clear and logical, and that our project was really worthy of attention and valuable. We gained confidence. And we won the “Startups in the Field of Culture, Art and Creative Industries” competition with our project “Village Needs City, City Needs Village”!

We have opened a house-museum of folk life and traditional crafts in Tayaty and are continuing to work hard to put together an exhibition about the history and unique people who live there.

Winning the contest held by the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives has become a pass to the community of like-minded people for us. The museum itself has become a platform for an active cultural life.

The global objective of the project is to develop the territories of our “small homeland”. It is important not to leave the village, but to develop it, stay in it and raise children there. The project helped us fulfil our dream of living in the village, opened up new opportunities for development, helped us realise our potential as professionals and showed young people that life in Tayaty can be eventful and interesting.

At every stage of our work with the Foundation we have felt your interest, support and participation. Thank you for that!

Happy New Year to all specialists of the Foundation and we wish you interesting projects, proactive participants and further development of your team for the benefit of our country!”

Source: vk.com/wall-205606768_11207

The the Museum of Folk Life and Traditional Crafts is a member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia.

The address of the museum is: Krasnoyarsk Krai, Tayaty, Sovetskaya Street, 4

grinsib@mail.ru, ekotayaty.ru. +7 (962) 840-15-03