Welcome to the opening of a new exhibition «OK. The image of the horse» that will take place on October, 21 (Friday) at 19:00.

«OK. The image of the horse» is a personal exhibition of Dmitry Chekuchinov, an artist and object designer, in the Museum of Russian life PO SUSEKAM.

-Horse is the basic image in the life of our ancestors. It was depicted on roofs, in interiors, on utensils, fabrics, jewellery for a reason, recognizing its protective power.

-Horse was a sacred animal for our ancestors; people largely relied on it in terms of managing the household, it was used for travelling long distances, plowing, sowing; it served as a basic symbol of protection against all evil and was associated with the sun.

-This animal has always been perceived as a laconic and expressive sign, without any excessive details. This is the artist’s landmark.

– Cultural history is unthinkable without toys, the traditions of which have accompanied mankind from the beginning of time.

Russian folk wooden toys are known for their variety and expressiveness. Human and animal figurines were moulded in clay or carved in wood.

-In today’s world, we read the positive image of the horse on a subconscious level, reaching for it.

-Inspired not only by national culture, but also by rock carvings, sculptures carved in wood, stone or cast in bronze all over the world, artists create their own images of the horse.

-Today, interest in handicrafts and ethnic art is in the spotlight again; artists and designers are happy to turn to their national cultural code.

“I create my objects from solid wood, using techniques proven by generations of our ancestors. I use various techniques of carving: triangular-notched carving, flat-relief carving with the use of vegetal ornaments, and three-dimensional carving in sculpture. I am guided by the Russian style and folk art in all its variety.

The main goal for me is to achieve an expressive contour line in combination with concisely painted surfaces and several kinds of textures. Tactility and warmth are important in the toy.

Recently the theme of prehistoric art has become very important, and this is reflected in my work and is read by the viewer at the level of genetic memory,” says Dmitry Chekuchinov, the author of the works.

Dmitry Chekuchinov is an artist, object designer, graduate of Abramtsevo Art and Industry College named after V.M.Vasnetsov (specialising in the artistic processing of wood), leading lecturer – V. Ermilov.

He also graduated from the Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts in 2011, specialising in furniture design.

Since childhood he loved drawing animals and dreamed of becoming an animalist.

-His wife, Oksana Burdina, also a Stroganovka graduate, helps Dmitriy to paint figurines.

-A few years ago, the designers set up their own studio where they create their work and develop their own recognisable style.

We invite you to the exhibition «OK. The image of the horse» at our touching Museum PO SUSEKAM.

Exhibition opening will take place on October,21(Fri.) at 19:00. Admission is free.

Exhibition will continue up until November, 22.

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