Museum of Tricks and Illusions

Museum of Tricks and Illusions, an interactive exhibition for the whole family. Optical illusions and secrets of magic tricks.

The collection includes more than 20 exhibits made by a professional illusionist: an Edison cube, charming Lucy the ghost, a magic crystal, and much more. Each item is a magic trick or an optical puzzle that the visitors have to solve.

The exhibition also displays such illusions as Body Disappearing, Levitation, and Flying on a Broom, in which both children and parents can participate!

At our exhibition, you can and should touch the exhibits, experiment, take pictures, laugh and wonder!

Guided tours are available for all visitors. In the gift shop you can learn a few simple magic tricks.

On weekends and holidays, the museum hosts performances by professional magicians. In a small cozy hall spectators become part of the magic show that happens within arm’s length.

All current information, schedules, tickets are available on our website

Come and visit us at the Museum of Tricks and Illusions in the Izmailovo Kremlin!


The museum is a member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia.


Address: Museum of Tricks and Illusions, Izmailovo Kremlin. Moscow, Izmailovskoe Highway, 73ZH

+7 (977) 115 69 86,