Museum of the History of the Perm Postcard

On June 29, 2021, the team of the Association of Private Museums met with Sergey Filatov, the owner and founder of a unique museum – the Museum of the History of the Perm Postcard.

In 2004, Sergey began to collect postcards issued in Perm, and five years later, in 2009, he organized the first Perm Postcards Exhibition, dedicated to heraldry.

The museum’s collection contains over 16,000 postcards and is constantly growing. Among the most famous exhibits is a postcard “Meshkov’s House”, dated 1900. The museum also stores a unique album containing postcards in 15 languages of the Union republics of the former USSR.

Sergey Filatov holds many exhibitions and carries out extensive public activities. The creation and successful work of the Perm Association of Private Museums, uniting 37 private institutions of the Perm Region, is largely thanks to his efforts.