Museum “Memory of Kolyma” 12+

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia – Museum “Kolyma Memory”. The founder of the museum is Ivan Aleksandrovich Panikarov.

Museum activities include:

Searching for information about former prisoners of the Kolyma camps.

Organising expeditions to the remnants of labour camps and abandoned settlements.

Publication of books about the history of Kolyma, its villages and enterprises, about people who lived in Kolyma in the past and who still live there, and their memories.

Publication of original commemorative metal badges of the former and existing settlements and towns of Kolyma…

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to describe all collected items in 5-10-20-60 minutes etc. in this questionnaire. And the enumeration of exhibits will take much time and paper.

To make a long story short, we have:

Files of the district newspaper since 1954 till nowadays as well as more than 20 thousand copies of newspapers published in Magadan region in 1930-1950s;

photos of Kolyma settlements from the 1930s – about 50 thousand;

information on people who were former prisoners and freedmen who were living on Kolyma in different years – around 100 thousand and about 60 thousand photos of them;

Publication of books about Kolyma and Kolyma inhabitants – over 40; issue of commemorative gold-silver-plated signs of Kolyma settlements – about 20;

exhibits – things used by both prisoners and free Kolyma residents – about 30 thousand. And a lot of other things…

Address of the museum: 686230, Magadan region, Yagodnoye settlement, quarter of 60 years of the USSR, b. 1, square 40.

Tel: +7 (914) 854-98-35, +7 (908) 608-38-90.