Museum-Gallery Musa Russa

The head of the Association of Private Museums of Russia Alexey Shaburov, during his business trip to the Perm region, met with the founder and owner of the private museum and gallery Musa Russa Sergey Volostnov. Sergey owns a unique collection of dolls handmade by outstanding Russian craftsmen. The distinguishing feature of the dolls is their very accurate face and eye expressions, which seem to convey the emotions of the master. The doll collection amazes the visitors and makes them ponder the depth and philosophy of the images. Sergey Volostnov founded his project in 2019, and there are already more than 20 unique items in his collection. The owner of the museum-gallery works with such famous doll artists as Ekaterina Shardakova, the Popov sisters, Vetluga Kisukhina, Anna Zueva, Olga Noel, Lyudmila Kibanova. Among the main exhibits is the work Psyche, Beast, Persea by Ekaterina Shardakova. Another doll by Shardakova — Willy Wonka — won an international Max Oscar Arnold Award in Germany.