Museum – fairytale manor “Vihlyandia” 12+

A little from the history of Vihlyandia.

The first building on the territory is a gazebo with a brazier.

The gazebo is an oval-shaped structure divided into two parts. One half is an open summer veranda with a barbecue and access to the river bank, the other half is a warm glazed kitchen. Above the entrance sits a contented fat cat laden with cutlery.

The barbecue pipe is decorated under the trunk of an old hollow tree. The brazier itself is made in the form of a cosy fireplace and decorated with the owner’s hunting trophy – a deer’s head with antlers.

Near the gazebo there is a rock on which a huge red dragon with a cub settled.


Museum – fairy-tale manor “Vihlandia” is a member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia.

Address of the museum: 1, Staraya Kazachya St., Kozelsk, Kaluga region.

Tel: +7 (910) 914-37-56, +7 (910) 526-79-72