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  • “… Let the beauty awaken your soul to seek all that is good in each of us”

“… Let the beauty awaken your soul to seek all that is good in each of us”

I’m lying here still alive, I’m dying,

I don’t play gusli anymore.

The heart unfolds, please fly away from me,

We are no longer happy on this earth,

You really need patience on this earth.

The day’s so nice, the morning dew’s so fresh,

Fly to the sunrise,

Go away or I will throw you out.

I felt sorry for her living like this, so one day I got up early, wrapped her in a blanket and let her go with the wind. And the wind was so strong that it immediately blew her out of my sight.

Fly, fly with the wind in the clouds,

 Don’t come down to the land.

I wish you happiness,  I can’t stand it anymore,

I couldn’t help you in any way.

If you ever meet him

 And you wouldn’t be struck by lightning,

Pray and hope for yourself,

Don’t think about me anymore.

– I’m very tired and I want to go home, I want to sleep.


– It’s a sweet poem, it reads just like that:

I don’t believe anyone but you

I don’t know the word “no”

I do not believe that words

Can replace the light of feelings.

The wind will not

Blow out a candle flame,

If the candle

is shining to the East.


God told you to live long,

Or maybe not so long.

You decided how to live your life

And it shortened your path.

Let the haters criticize

Every aspect of your life,

But I know when you were born

The sun of ages was shining.

There were no clouds in the sky,

No rain to disturb the peace of your birth.

You lived as you lived,

Didn’t look for answers under the sun of ages,

You drank, you sang,

You walked with a pack of stray dogs

But you weren’t mean,

You’ve never eaten their meat.

This life isn’t good for you,

But I believe you’re lucky,

In your last hour,

And in your last hour,

You made it yourself,

You were shut down, buried in your own life,

But you didn’t eat stray dog meat.

But I believe you’re lucky,

So very lucky,

You fully understood life.


The author of the film and the text — Ivan Ivanovich Martsenyuk
Mobile Museum of Memory “The Immortal Regiment of Valaam”