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#It’sAllRussia – the Courage-Bambey team visited the Khabarovsk private museum The World of Talking Machines

The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother – these sitcoms are adored by millions of people all over the world, but only in Russia did the series find their unique voice and style thanks to the voice acting of the Courage-Bambey studio.

Not discouraged during the pandemic, Courage packed up their suitcases and went on a trip with a new project #It’sAllRussia.

#It’sAllRussia is a project about people, cities, foundations and beauty of Russia. In 30 days, a team of travelers, young entrepreneurs will cover more than 10,000 km across the country, visiting different cities along the way. The result of the trip will be a series about life, leisure, work and business in Russia, with the participation of the brand voice of the Courage-Bambey studio! One of the objectives of the project is to find out how things are in Russia with domestic tourism and infrastructure for travelers, while the borders remain “locked”.

The third episode about the Vladivostok-Moscow motor rally by the Courage-Bambey team is dedicated to Khabarovsk. The travelers talked with Khabarovsk citizens, entrepreneurs, met with fans, and also visited The World of Talking Machines Museum.

During the excursion, the presenter – actor Denis Kolesnikov spoke about the difficulties of the voice acting process today, about the sacrifices that sometimes have to be made in order to achieve the perfect silence. He recalled the story of how songs were recorded on the first gramophone records. At the end of the excursion, the travelers left a memorable entry in the guestbook.

The World of Talking Machines Musical Museum is the only private museum in the Khabarovsk Region, founded by the family of Andrey and Evgenia Veretennikovs. The museum opened in 2018 and is dedicated to recording, the history and culture of listening to music. The exhibition covers over 100 years of the evolution of the sound industry from the late 19th century to the end of the 20th century. The fund of the museum contains more than 20,000 audio-carrier exhibits and about 150 reproducing and sound recording devices themselves. The tour includes acquaintance with the inventors and their inventions that marked the beginning of the era of technical breakthrough: the appearance of the phonograph, gramophone, radio, etc.

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