Interactive museum in the dark “SENSORIUM” 12+

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia – Interactive museum in the dark “SENSORIUM”. The founder of the museum is Teybash Dmitry Anatolievich.

In January 2022, we began building an inclusive museum in the dark, SENSORIUM. Similar museums have long existed in Europe, and we are delighted to be the continuators of their experience.

The museum focuses on the person able to see who enters a space of gentle, ideal darkness. Guided through five different locations by a blind or visually impaired guide, a person who is used to relying on their sight for 90% of their everyday life unlocks personal potential which was ‘asleep’ in familiar surroundings. Our guests’ fears disappear, they gain insight and understanding into the lives of people with disabilities, and a sense of profound gratitude emerges.

The Museum on the Arbat Street is a space where sighted and blind guests can come and spend time. We have a café with delicious drinks and designer desserts. You can bring your pets to the cafe – we have a space for guide-dogs.

There are plans to introduce menus in Braille and add services for the blind.

Products from social-oriented producers are displayed in the foyer of the museum. We introduce guests to useful industries that give jobs to vulnerable groups. We also accept applications to place inclusive and “kind” products in our showcases. We promote the approach: “any purchase can equal charity”.

The museum is equipped with a lecture room that can be rented for workshops, training sessions, games and any other corporate events, including the events to be held in total darkness (there is a “blackout” option).

You can also organise an art exhibition in our gallery in the museum foyer or rent a painting space for a month.

Address of the museum: 17 Arbat St., Moscow

Tel.: +7 (901) 703-31-44