“In Silence” Museum

“Silence challenges you” is the catch-phrase of an unusual, interesting and impressive museum, “In silence”, the first museum of its kind in Russia. There are two zones in the space: the exhibition zone and the excursion zone. In the exhibition part, the visitor will learn myths and amazing facts about the life of deaf people, see technical devices designed to solve everyday problems in the world of the deaf: light calls, alarm devices, baby monitors, etc., and take a selfie with the wings of a bat, while at the same time learning about its special hearing capabilities. For the excursion piece, one can put on ear muffs for 75 minutes to eliminate hearing and voices, and with the help of a guide (media silence), perform tasks in five interactive rooms, discovering new ways of communicating, learning to listen to how eyes and hands “speak”. A visit to the museum will definitely leave the guest with a lot of acquired experience, which he or she would want to share with friends or followers in social networks.