Ice Cream Museum on the 89th floor

Meet a new member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia — the Ice Cream Museum on the 89th floor. The founder and owner of the museum is Artur Norikovich Shakaryan.

The idea of creating the museum belongs to the leading manufacturer of ice cream in the Moscow region – the company “Chistaya Liniya”.

For 20 years, the company “Chistaya Liniya” has been collecting labels, packaging, and advertising posters with images of ice cream: from the Soviet period to the present day. When the number of rare items in the collection reached 500, the management decided to turn the private collection into a museum.

The exhibition of the Ice Cream Museum features the tallest ice cream and chocolate factory buildings in the world, and the windows offer an unforgettable 360° view of Moscow from the height of 327 meters. In addition, in the museum you will find the interactive exhibition of ice cream history, unique and informative facts, and a collection of original packaging and advertising posters.

Museum address: 123112, Moscow, Presnenskaya Embankment, 12. Moscow City. Federation Tower East Building, Floor 89

Tel.: +7 (495) 151-94-94, E-mail: WELCOME@PNR360.RU