How to help small and private museums?

Private museums are created by enthusiasts. Sometimes they start not out of spare money, but out of love, out of passion for art. You say, that’s big talk? Not at all. We often use big words to talk about least significant subjects. But these are just people. Just some passionate people, willing to share their soul and their world with us.

When you sink into their world, into their shining eyes, you can’t but wonder, how to help these people. That’s the problem we discussed with recent guests of our museum, Anna Naumova and Tamila Tabolova. Anna is authorized representative of National Hospitality Union in the Northern Caucasus federal area. Tamila is director of Vladikavkaz National Art Crafts Centre.

Our guests and our “little museum” share the same goals. Let guests of the Republic have the best time here. By “the best” we mean most useful, most entertaining, unforgettable.

If you look at this year only, the number of different mass media visiting our museum looks pretty impressive: from central republic press to Mir television channel and many others…But did it in any way improve museum’s relevance and public demand? Not at all. There is only one way to help it: build connections with agencies that are promoting tourism.

What can we give our guests? In our towns and cities? Usually it’s a common set of history museum, local history museum, art museum. Several landscapes, some of the most majestic statues. Nothing new. But don’t you think that small (and sometimes large) exhibitions in private museums present the very authentic folk art that can become a prominent bright spot in the otherwise rather standard and maybe dull tour?

But what about local Ministries of Culture? Do they at least try to explore this wide range of people creativity? Do they try to build a roster of all these collections and private museum exhibitions, that can make a trip to the area really unforgettable? No, they don’t. A couple of museums, ten or twenty events…But it leaves thousands and tens of thousands of the enthusiasts out of sight of our culture. It doesn’t take much to help it, just go outside, leave the office. Just enter, for example, our Home Museum of Rocking Horse. Feel the childhood. Your own. Human kind’s. Touch the history. The magic of the time!

Our meeting with Anna Naumova, Tamila Tabolova and our guest from Pyatigorsk – Anna Kasyukova -was concluded by cheerful horse riding. We all felt that we could happily ride and ride away, into some time and place where everyone could find their passion, their love, their place in life, and more importantly find many gratefull guests and friends of their path, small but so touching …If only you try and get a bit closer!