House of Reptiles “Reptilius” 12+

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia – House of Reptiles “Reptilius”. The founder of the museum is Safronov Yuri Vladimirovich.

The idea of creating the museum arose in 2021 and was implemented with the help of a professional in the field – Alexey Yuryevich Leonov in 2022. The goal of the museum is to expand people’s knowledge in the field of biology. The museum’s exhibition will introduce visitors to the world of insects and reptiles, as many people are afraid of them, but they are not scary at all, but rather very cute creatures.

The museum presents an exhibition of reptiles and various exhibits – such as skeletons, snake skins, samples of reptile structures, etc.

The museum’s collection includes over 50 reptiles belonging to different families, as well as objects such as crocodile skulls, snake skeletons, lizards, etc.

Address of the museum: 119 Prospekt Mira, building 519, 2 floor, Moscow