Free online course to learn how to play the gusli

We invite you to take part in our online course on how to play the gusli! The video course aims to teache the Russian gusli  from the basics to more advanced technical and improvisational playing.

All classes are free  at the link:

The video course is presented by Dmitry Paramonov,  a gusli instructor, player, and cultural expert.

Dmitry has been teaching at the Russian Gusli School in Moscow, as well as conducting regular  master classes around Russia for seventeen years. In addition, Dmitry is a master  gusli craftsman (you can order a gusli made by him on the site

Course content:

1. The similarities and differences between the wing-shaped and helmet-shaped gusli.

2. How to hold a gusli.

3. Tuning a gusli.

4. Basic techniques of playing.

5. The repertoire.

6. Playing techniques as a means of musical expression.

7. All about the strings.

8. How to choose an intrument.

9. About playing the gusli from the 11th-13th centuries. Classes start on the 8th of April at 15: 00  Moscow time!