Fort No. 11 Denhoff, Kaliningrad

Fort No. 11 is a fortification in the citadel city of Königsberg, one of the fifteen main forts, built in 1877-1881.

Here is one of the three observation posts of Fort No. 11 Denhoff. In combat, here, under the protection of armor and concrete, stayed a soldier that watched the movement of enemy forces. Not all the forts still have such a rotating armored dome shelter! This one survived due to the care of the former owners of the fort — the military.

If you want to become a lookout man for a moment, you come back here after the group tour. When visiting @fortdonhoff, you have the opportunity to explore the locations and mechanisms all by yourself. The fort is at your disposal!

Some people come here attracted by the history of the Fort and others by its flora and fauna.

Walking around the fort, amateur botanists can, first of all, admire the plants that grow on the fortification walls. There are strawberries, all kinds of amazing ferns, speedwells, and dead-nettles in bloom. The plants adapted to life in extreme conditions as if they were growing on a hillside.

Secondly, botanists will find the moat quite interesting. It’s a ring of water filled with life – frogs and water snakes, small and large fish, mallard ducklings… At the banks, you can find a lot of fascinating plants — reeds, cattails, and even bulrushes. Dainty bittersweet with purple flowers rambles nearby. There are sedges, forget-me-nots, buttercups and ragged robins. Water mint and water plantain, which has no flower stems yet, grow at the banks. In the water, you can see lobed leaves and shoots of water crowfoot, that’s already starting to bloom with small white flowers.