Fairy Tale House “Once Upon a Time” 12+

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia – Fairy Tale House “Once Upon a Time”. The founder of the museum is Mashovets Nikolay Petrovich.

The Fairy Tale House “Once Upon a Time” was founded in 1995 in Moscow by Nikolay Petrovich Mashovets. The idea was to create a network of interactive museums. 

Since 2000, the museum branch “Buratino-Pinocchio” has been operating. 

The museum’s activities include:

– Interactive theatrical programs with professional actors using authentic peasant household items. 

– Programs based on Russian and foreign fairy tales. The main visitors are organized groups of preschool and school age. Programs are also conducted for children with disabilities.

 – Puppet shows. 

– Online lessons for the Department of Education. 

– Mobile events. 

– Hosting celebrations based on the museums. 

– Conducting workshops. 

Individual visitors can purchase tickets in advance on the museum’s website domskazok.su.