We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia – LLC ” COSMIC VYBORG “. The founder of the museum is Viktor Anatolievich Evplov.

Introducing the first and only museum of its kind dedicated to the space industry: the «Space Vyborg» Museum.
Vyborg is called «the space city» for a reason:
Many cosmonauts have visited Vyborg.
Among them were the Russian test cosmonauts Oleg Germanovich Artemyev and Andrei Nikolaevich Babkin. In 1961 Vyborg was visited by Yuri Gagarin.
On June 30th 1961 the first cosmonaut in the world Yuri Gagarin visited Vyborg on his way to Finland, during his first foreign trip with the so-called “Peace Mission”.
A floating space launch facility, Sea Launch, was being built in Vyborg to carry the launch vehicle by sea to the equator, where conditions were best suited for launching into equatorial orbit. A huge rocket engine test facility operated in Primorsk, a branch of the Energomash Scientific and Technical Centre of RSC Energia.
Vladimir Ivanovich Bernikov is a resident of Vyborg, space archivist, representative of the International Union of Journalists. It was on the basis of his huge collection that the exhibition «Space Vyborg» was created. The Vyborg branch of the University of Civil Aviation is a forge for talented personnel.
S.F. Semchenko – head of Baikonur branch of the Unified Service of Aviation Search and Rescue of Roscosmos.
E.G. Dyatlov – chief of staff of the Cosmonaut Training Centre in Star City.
The museum features collections:
The collection of Vladimir Ivanovich Bernikov, a representative of the International Union of Journalists and space archivist; Russia’s largest collection of rare books on space and cosmonauts with autographs of Soviet and foreign cosmonauts; a collection of space food, badges, stamps, numismatics, briefings, as well as other themed stands.
The museum also features the following themes:
“Gagarin in Vyborg”.
“Sea Launch”
“Rocket Engine Test Centre”.
“Astronauts Rescue Service
“International Space Station” and many others.
You can also see videos of cosmonauts landing on their return from the ISS.
At the moment three types of excursions are worked out in the museum: interactive excursion for preschool age children and pupils of primary school, for children of secondary and high school, for students and adults.
One of the objectives of the museum is patriotic education of the younger generation: we do everything possible to attract as many schoolchildren, cadets and students as possible.
We also participate in the “Night at the Museum” campaign and hold various round-table events together with the only Russian cosmoarchivist, V. Bernikov; the museum is active for visitors to the city and its citizens who wish to learn about the mysterious space.
During the work of the museum there have been established links with Roscosmos, the cosmodrome “Plesetsk”, the cosmodrome “Baikonur”, Star city, correspondence with the daughter of Yuri Gagarin, as well as connections with the Museum of cosmonautics of Moscow. There are contacts with the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocket Engineering named after V.P. Glushko.

Address: Vyborg, Naberezhnaya 40-letiya VLKSM, 1, entrance from the side of the Market Square.


Phone : 8 958 589 24 14

VK: vk.com/vyborgkosmos

Telegram: t.me/vyborgkosmos.