Chiming Bells. Foundry Museum

“People often ask me to teach workshops on casting, for example, a bell… And I did, here, in Sigovo, but it took me two days: 8 hours of preparation, add to that molding and melting… – another 8 hours… It was too time-consuming,” says the founder and owner of the museum Alexander Vladilenovich Lapshin.

“Other people usually just perform several simple steps of the production process, and everyone’s happy with that.

So I decided to narrow the scope of my workshop and limited it to making a bell mold saying ‘O, the Pskov Region! The cradle of Russia’. And I believe I managed to avoid over-simplification. Indeed, molding is a separate profession in the foundry.

The workshop includes telling tales about bells and sleigh bells. It takes place right in the exhibition hall. Those who wish to practice can take turns working. The entire event lasts an hour or so. I’ve already tested it.

Come and experience the joy of learning!


The museum is a member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia.