Art Museum of Garbage “MU MU”, Kaluga region

Where to drop off your old toothbrushes for recycling?

Every person goes through 4-5 toothbrushes a year. It’s a huge problem because toothbrushes are made from several different kinds of plastic (PVC, styrene copolymers, polyethylene). These are the oil products and resins that do not decompose safely but emit toxic compounds.

It is difficult to completely dispose of such a product, but it is possible. And it must be done for the sake of the environment. Such products take about 100 years to decompose, so the items produced in the 1930s are still out there somewhere.

One of the ways to recycle a toothbrush is to take it to the Museum of Garbage “Mu Mu”. There is a recycle bin in the Grachi Business Park, where the museum is located.

In the museum gift shop, you can buy pens made from recycled toothbrushes.