Annual Fall Plein-Air Took Place in Vyatskoye

The soul of Russia, what is it? Probably, there is no exact definition other than it is unlimited. Every artist will see his own thing. Reporter Vesta Chernositova will tell you what the painters saw in Vyatskoye at the annual fall plein-air.

Fall is the time of the year that inspires all creative people. If you spend it in the most beautiful village in Russia, the muse will become your best friend just as it happened to the artists of the plein-air “Province is the Soul of Russia”festival. For two weeks, they painted Vyatskoye and its surroundings with oils and watercolors. Other subjects related to these places were also getting to the canvas. The Nekrasov Gallery was able to accommodate only part of the works.

“There are only two or three works from each artist, but they created about 15 works each in two weeks!”- explained the organizer of the plein air, academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honored Artist of Russia Andrei Zakharov.

In total, more than 20 painters from all over Russia came to the fall plein-air festival, from Barnaul to St. Petersburg. Alexander Bobrov is in Vyatskoe for the first time. He arrived as a participant to the plein-air from the sunny Crimean Gurzuf. The result of the trip is 18 new paintings. He admits that the flavor of the north is complex, but therefore it is interesting. Colors demanded a separate approach.

“I painted in the afternoon, at lunchtime, in the evening, and I painted some night sketches as I tried to find this perfect color,” said Alexander.

This fifth plein-air is a joint project of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Vyatskoye Historical and Cultural Complex. It is part of the “Province is the Soul of Russia” festival, and Lyubov Kazarnovskaya is its mastermind.

“Vyatskoye will always be such a generator of ideas for real creativity. This is very, very important. It seems to me that a team has gathered here that hears and understands it and which is working for this,” explained Lyubov Kazarnovskaya.

The topic of the next plein-air is already known: there will be the celebration of the bicentennial of Nekrasov’s birth in Vyatskoye. What the poet’s work and the views of the village will inspire in artists? We will see that at the next exhibition.