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A unique modern film studio — The VoenFilm-Medyn Cinema Complex

The Voenfilm-Medyn Cinema Complex is a modern film studio created by the famous collector and founder of the largest private museums in Russia, Vadim Zadorozhny, and the famous director Igor Ugolnikov.

The VoenFilm-Medyn Cinema Complex holds a unique collection of military equipment from different periods (from mortars to airplanes), cold weapons and firearms, military uniforms, and props. It has all the infrastructure to accommodate a film crew and can provide a technical base for shooting war or civilian films of any scale.

The VoenFilm-Medyn Cinema Complex is located near Medyn in the Kaluga region. On an area of 90 hectares, it has a large purpose-built village film set, a river dug and filled with water and hangars with military equipment. Here you can place or build decorations and orchestrate pyrotechnics of all levels of complexity.

It served as a filming location for feature films Last Frontier, Kalashnikov, The First Oscar, reenactment films for the unique multimedia exhibition Feat of the People in the Victory Museum, and mini-film series People’s Army. Various TV programs and public service videos are often shot here.

You can book a tour of the VoenFilm-Medyn Cinema Complex to have a look at the film sets, scenery, and hangars with military equipment.

Address of the Voenfilm Cinema Complex: Russia, Kaluga region, Medynsky district, Medyn Airfield, Varshavskoe highway, 119 km.