A movie about the Museum of Garbage “Mu Mu”

The “MU MU” garbage art museum is a professional appeal to nature, ecology and the creativity of the “BURO” Moscow art group. This museum is Russia’s largest exhibition of art objects made from garbage. The museum organizes environmental education (children’s eco-camp, lectures), masterclasses, a large entertainment area, and souvenir sales.

The idea of the garbage museum is as follows: a place where things acquire a new beautiful and wonderful life, and are not thrown into the trash, the amount of which is growing incredibly around the world every year. The mission is to draw the attention of the maximum number of people to the need to think environmentally positively every day, as well as consciously follow the principles of reasonable consumption.

The creative concept of this museum is common in all our works, designed for the viewer and visitor, and described simply: SEE, LEARN, BE SUPRSISED….

The visitor can SEE something unexpected, positive and understandable, LEARN something new and important, and BE SURPRISED – enjoy the talent of our authors and the fact that you can easily make your own life more interesting and brighter!