100 Russian Compasses exhibition, 6+

On November 1, the 100 Russian Compasses exhibition opens at the Marine Fleet Museum. It will feature compasses from the collection of Mikhail Ivanov, the founder of Russia’s first Museum of Magnetic Compasses. This unique collection currently includes more than 800 compasses from various countries and eras. Specifically for the exhibition, pocket compasses were selected in the Marine Fleet Museum; they were manufactured in Russia in the mid XIX century to mid XX century. Their distinctive feature is Cyrillic inscriptions on the dial plate. Highlights of the exhibition are Pomor compass called “matochka”, Pavel Bure’s compass, military compass of Adrianov’s system, boussole compass, curvimeters, and miniature compass with a diameter of about 10 mm.

The Museum of Magnetic Compasses is a member of the Association of Private and People’ s Museums of Russia.
Museum address: Shatura, 152, Shaturorf district, Moscow region.
Tel.: +7 (915) 116-90-91
E-mail: compass-map@yandex.ru

100 Russian Compasses exhibition