Help the project

Our project is not only a real help to real enthusiasts of their museum business, those who are willing to spend their energy, time and money to study and preserve the historical and cultural heritage of their country. By collecting information about private museums and translating it into English and Chinese, we help expand the geography of domestic and inbound tourism, as well as identify and tell about the ingenuine talents from all over Russia. Through our activities, we make a huge contribution to the preservation of the history and root culture of our country.

If you like our project and have a desire to provide it with financial support, we will be very grateful to you for this. The funds will be used to support and promote the association’s Internet resources, publish and translate the catalogue “The Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia” into English and Chinese, publish the magazine, create films and develop tourist routes, organize and conduct thematic conferences, exhibitions and social projects aimed at educating future generations as well as preserving our rich cultural heritage.

Any contribution matters!