The Multimedia Museum of the New Chronology was opened in Yaroslavl

On December 29, 2019, in Yaroslavl, within the walls of the former estate of Prince Kurakin, the Multimedia Museum of the New Chronology was opened, the main and only exhibit of which is not a subject of material culture, but a scientific theory.

Unique Museum without any analogues nor in Russia or abroad was founded by mathematicians A.T. Fomenko, G.V. Nosovsky, and T.N. Fomenko. The empirical-statistical and astronomical methods developed by scientists for dating ancient and medieval events have allowed them to recreate the past of mankind in a true chronological sequence of historical events.

In 14 halls of the Multimedia Museum of the New Chronology you can get familiar with the pages of world history with the help of multimedia appliances and rethink all knowledge got at school or University.   

New Chronology is the theory of a radical revision of historical chronology, according to which the modern habitual chronology coincides with historical events, only starting from the XVIII century, and the events of Russian history until this time were falsified.

The theory was formed in the 1970-1980s at the Moscow State University Mechanics Institute, based on the ideas of Doctor of Sciences Mikhail Postnikov, and since the beginning of the 1990s, its ideologists are A. Fomenko and G. Nosovsky. Professional historians have recognized this theory as pseudoscientific. However, this did not prevent A. Fomenko, and G. Nosovsky and T. Fomenko from creating a museum. In their opinion, thanks to its discovery, the Russians had the opportunity to understand the new theory and draw their own conclusions.