The history of Moscow museum of flatiron in video of Associated Press

The Moscow museum of iron which is located within the territory of the Kremlin in Izmailovo collected under its roof 1,500 rare antique exhibits from all over the world. Some of them are simple, other ones are decorated fancifully. In the private collection of Mikhail Gubanov, the founder of the Museum, there are irons for everything: for gloves, hats, socks and ties as well as corrugated rollers for special collars and even special presses for playing cards.  Everything dates back to an electric iron found by Gubanov in the house of his great – grandfather. He was presented this thing from Europe in the early of 1900.

Today, irons are a family passion. Mikhail Gubanov introduced his son and daughter-in-law to it, – Maksim and Maria Novikov. “We really enjoy it. Besides the fact that we collect them, we are still writing the history of each utilitarian item. We search for information in various sources around the world, compile catalogs and we are going to write a book about this subject as few people think about its evolution” the Director says in an interview with the Associated Press.

Director of the museum Maria Novikova.