“May Grandma Musa Live”: Russian Association of Private Museums presents a film by Ivan Martsenyuk

“May Grandma Musa live” – that is the title of the film, shot by Ivan Martsenyuk, a woodcarver, founder of the Mobile Memorial Museum “Immortal Regiment of Valaam”. “Immortal Regiment” is a Regiment of World War II heroes, who were  mutilated, forgotten and left to live out their lives in Valaam care home. You could have met this Regiment in September 2019, at the “Private Museums of Russia. Russian golden nuggets” exhibit.

For two days the Regiment was “stationed” at “Sokolniki” reminding the now living people about the horrors of that dreadful war.

Looking into the eyes of the soldiers gazing at you from the canvases, many Moscow residents who came to the exhibit were unable to hold back tears, so piercing are the portraits of the people, created by the hands of Karelian master. The heroine of the film – Musa Alexandrovna Kocherovskaya, who visited Valaam, could not hold her tears back either. The “TV Center” channel interviewed her, but, unfortunately, its recording did not go on the air, as it did not fit into the segment dedicated to the celebration of Moscow City Day, during which the exhibition was held. However, it did not disappear, it became possible to watch it thanks to amateur shooting, which formed the basis of the film.