World Holography

Yaroslavl Oblast

Contact information

Rybinsk, Volzhskaya embankment ul., building 53/2

Tel.: +7 (909) 277-03-15


Operating hours

Around the clock by prior request

Ticket price

Adults – 200 rubles

Children – 150 rubles

Museum founder

Vladimir Ivanovich Ryaboy

Museum founder

Igor Vladimirovich Ryaboy



About museum

The World Holography exhibition is thematically related to the Nobel Museum. The developer of the holographic method, a native of Russia, Denies Gabor, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery in 1949. The exhibition, opened for access in 2005, is leased by the Nobel Museum and operates independently.

The exhibition dedicated to holography fascinates children and adults. Dinosaurs, birds, animals, historical characters, and heroes of myths and legends come alive here. These voluminous exhibits arrived at the museum from Australia, The Americas, and the United States. Simultaneously with the demonstration of images, voices of Dracula, tyrannosaurus, werewolves or Frankenstein are heard. There are “live” copies of famous Russian icons, including the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. Unlike most painted and printed portraits, holography does not lose the quality of its colors over time. It is noteworthy that Russian immigrants’ descendants, including Denies Gabor, Russian Nobel Prize laureates A. M. Prokhorov and N. G. Basov, and the Leningrad scientist Y. N. Denisyuk, are connected to the invention of holography and this exhibition.