The Vyatskoe Museum complex named after E. A. Ankudinova

Yaroslavl Oblast

Contact information

Yaroslavl region, Vyatskoye village, Sovetskaya ul., building 8

Tel.: +7 (961) 160-81-17



Operating hours

10:30 – 18:00


Ticket price

Ticket, masterclasses – 60–250 rubles

The museum founder

Oleg Alekseevich Zharov



About museum

Vyatskoye is an old merchant village located just 300 km from Moscow and 38 km from Yaroslavl. Over the centuries, Vyatskoye acquired its striking architectural image, reminiscent of our northern capital. Today, this image is preserved and carefully recreated in the Vyatskoye large-scale historical and cultural complex named after E.A. Ankudinova.

Vyatskoye is a unique urban complex dating from the 18th – 19th centuries that includes more than 50 registered architectural monuments, former merchants and peasant houses, tea and tavern institutions, and almshouses. The historical and cultural heritage basis of Vyatka is, first of all, the village planning structure, which is almost completely related to the 18th century. To date, more than 30 historical and cultural heritage monuments filled with new functional purpose, and display objects included in the museum activities have been restored in the village. Each object reflects the unique features of the region, as well as the originality and richness of the local culture.

Based on these objects, 12 museums of various orientations, three hotel buildings, a restaurant-museum with a unique collection of old working clocks, a cinema and concert hall, and much more have been created. The museum collections of the complex are included in the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation. Vyatskoye Museums: the Russian Entrepreneurship Museum, or The story of a village that wanted to become a city …; the Vyatskoye Trading Peasant Gorokhov House-museum; the House of Angels Museum dedicated to the feat of the heavenly roofer Peter Telushkin; the Russian Fun Museum; the Kitchen Machinery Museum; the Hotel Rooms of the Urlov merchant brothers Interactive Museum; The wonderful world of mechanisms and machines Polytechnic Museum; the Returned Shrine Museum; the Pages of the Printing History Museum-printing house; the Sounds of Time Musical Museum; the Children’s World Museum; the House of Muses Modern Art Museum (Vyatskoye branch, located at 23a Tchaikovsky ul., Yaroslavl).

Many socially significant projects are being implemented, supported at the local and federal levels, including the Nekrasov Days in Vyatskoye and The Province is the Soul of Russia annual festivals, the Birds Return to Their Nests, Entrepreneurs and the Clergy Descendants meeting, and the Vyatskoye International Music Competition for Young Performers under the opera diva L. Y. Kazarnovskaya’s patronage.

The Vyatskoye historical and cultural complex is a laureate of the Cultural Heritage National Award in 2008 and the Keepers of Heritage All-Russian Award in 2011. The project author O. A. Zharov was awarded the RF State Prize for his contribution to the revival and development of traditional cultural and historical values in 2012 by President of Russia V. V. Putin. In 2015 The Vyatskoye historical and cultural complex became the best museum of the year in Russia, winning the grand prix of the Intermuseum 2015 international festival. In September 2015, the village of Vyatskoye became the first member of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of Russia.

In July 2017, the Vyatskoye pickles production workshop was launched.

Vyatskoye village has unique natural features and traditions, thanks to the Vyatskoye pickle, which has a vigorous taste and a characteristic crunch. Today in Vyatskoye anyone can taste the famous Vyatka cucumbers and purchase a delicious souvenir for their loved ones.

Historical and cultural complex The Vyatskoye Historical and Cultural Complex named after E.A. Ankudinova is a new tourist brand not only in the Yaroslavl region, but also in Russia.