The Uglich History Museum

Yaroslavl Oblast

Contact information

Yaroslavl region, Uglich, Bakhareva ul., building 27

Tel.: +7 (910) 818-89-25


Operating hours

Mon – Sun.: by request

Ticket price

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The museum founder (owner / director)

Alexey Viktorovich Kulagin



About museum

From the very beginning, the museum was conceived as a research organization, studying the Uglich region history from the ancient times to the present. The reason for the first exposition’s creation was my study of the famous Uglich “exiled” bell alloy and other bells that were in the exposition and funds of the Uglich State Historical Architectural and Art Museum in 1983. Then, the Uglich bell ringing history was studied, and the first name of the museum was the Uglich Ringing Historical and Musical Museum. Then there were other significant studies: the Polish-Lithuanian intervention history and the 63rd Uglich infantry regiment history. The most significant museum discovery is the Great Patriotic War events reconstruction in the Uglich region and in the Yaroslavl region as a whole.

The result of the work was the publication of books; in total, 22 books have been published during the museum’s existence; the latest is the Known and Unknown Uglich Collection with the participation of many authors. On May 9th, 2009, the museum was renamed, and now it is called the Uglich History Museum.

The museum funds have more than 2,500 exhibits, which describe the heroic past of one of the most ancient cities on the Upper Volga. In the exposition you can see a model of the central part of the city of Uglich at the end of the 19th – beginning of 20th century. The tour is conducted with the musical accompaniment of bell ringing. The museum has open pavilions with exhibits, showcasing the finds of archaeological expeditions. The tour duration is up to 1 hour.