The Treasured Chambers of Ivan Tsarevich Museum

Yaroslavl Oblast

Contact information

Yaroslavl Region, Rostov the Great, Leninskaya Ulitsa, Building 19

Tel.: +7 (485) 367-67-97, + 7 (910) 969-09-96


Operating hours

10:00 – 18:00, daily, by appointment

Ticket price

Adult – 300 rubles; children – 200 rubles

Reduced rate (members of large families, disabled people of 1st and 2nd groups, Heroes of Russia, Heroes of Labor, and Heroes of the Great Patriotic War) – 150/125 rubles

Founder, owner of the museum

Aleksandr Mikhailovich Kuznetsov

Director of the museum

Elena Yurievna Mironova



About museum

A new museum was opened in the city of Rostov the Great – “The Cherished Chambers of Ivan-Tsarevich”, with the interactive program “To Ivan Tsarevich for Health”.

During the program, you will take part in tastings (old spelt porridge and spring water), in a workshop (on preparing a sleeping pillow), and in an emotional training. You will see what you can learn from the characters of Russian folk tales. Baba Yaga will reveal her secrets to you; Koschey the Immortal will tell you about the magic sword, which is always with you; Dragon Gorynych will tell you how to deal with vices; and the Firebird will tell you how to find mental and spiritual health. Come to Ivan-Tsarevich and stay healthy!