The Tolbukhino Museum Association

Yaroslavl Oblast

Contact information

Yaroslavl region, Yaroslavl district, Tolbukhino village, Sovetskaya ul., building 1

Tel.: +7 (485) 279-57-92, +7 (910) 972-77-68


Ticket price

(entrance ticket, tour, master class) 1000 rubles

Museum founder

Vladimir Ivanovich Stolyarov



About museum

The museum complex was created over a five year period in the village of Tolbukhino, and it was included in the TOP 10 largest museum associations in Russia. Culture Day in the Russian Province Patriotic Project of the Tolbukhino Museum Association was the winner of the President of the Russian Federation Grant Competition in 2019.

During excursions to the museums and ancient streets and parks of the village of Tolbukhino, visitors will learn unique historical information about one of the first civilizations of the Bronze Age, the settlement of the Fatyanovo culture. They will see and touch authentic objects from the third millennium BC and learn about the history of the settlement, the peasants and merchants, and peasant trades such as blacksmithing and stucco craft, sewing and embroidery. They will hear amazing legends about the visits of tsars Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great to these places.

The museum complex is located in three famous ancient merchant estates from the 18th – 19th centuries. Excursion programs are held at 24 museums, among which are the Fatyanovo civilization complex and the Bronze Age museum with items related to the history of ancient Rome and France from the time of Louis XV, one of the best museums in Russia of Peter I, the largest museum of ancient engravings in the world, the museum of the history of the development of merchants in Tolbukhino during the 18th – 19th centuries, and the museum of the history of wartime and our victories associated with legendary fellow countryman Marshal F.I. Tolbukhin.