Romanovo Art House on the Volga river

Yaroslavl Oblast

Contact information

Yaroslavl region, Tutaev, Pokrovskaya Square, 8

Tel. +7 (903) 826-51-10


Operating hours

On demand

Ticket price

100 roubles

The founder, the owner and the director of the museum

Liliya Slavinskaya



About museum

In 2000, Liliya Petrovna Slavinskaya began restoring the house of the Velikoretskis in the town of Tutaev on the left bank of the Volga River.

Since 2006, a collection of furniture has been acquired, a collection of paintings and sculptures was created, and the interiors were decorated.

Since 2006, the House of Art “Romanovo” on the Volga River has been welcoming intellectuals, students of art universities and artists.

We give tours around the house, talking about the technology of creation and restoration of this house. We sell paintings, graphics, embroidered towels and decorative arts.