Non-governmental Private Cultural Institution “The United Museums of the Holy Alexievskaya Monastery”

Yaroslavl Oblast

Contact information

Yaroslavl region, Pereslavsky district, Novoalekseyevka Village

Tel.: +7 (930) 123-07-88, +7 (920) 141-01-59


Operating hours

By agreement

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Founder, owner, director of the museum

Hieromonk Peter (Alexey Nikolaevich Vasilenko)



About museum

In 1995, priest Alexey Nikolaevich Vasilenko established an Orthodox Classical Gymnasium at the Holy Alexievskaya Monastery and became its headmaster. The first museums were created in 2000 in the newly constructed building of the gymnasium to provide visual aids and high-quality education to the students. Through constant development and growth, the museums have become institutions of regional and even national significance in terms of quality and the quality of the collections and visitor demand. Currently, the collections in the museum and gymnasium buildings contain more than 87,000 exhibits. A new building for the Natural History Museum with an exhibition area of 15,000 square meters has been completed and is currently going through preparations.

The cultural institution consists of:

– The A.E.Mikulin Natural History Museum with paleontology, entomology, conchology, mineralogy, and botanical cabinets.

– The Museum of Travel and the Age of Discovery;

– The Museum of Fyodor Konyukhov;

– The Museum of the Oriental Art of Suiseki “The Hidden World”;

– The P. I. Basmanov Museum of Fine Arts;

– The Museum of Archaic, Ancient and Medieval Archaeology;

– The Museum of Ethnography and Folk Life of the Russian People, presenting home interiors of different classes;

– The Russian Peasant Inn Museum;

– The Museum of Books;

– The Church Archaeology Museum;

– The Memorial Museum for Archpriest Vasily Lesniak;

– The Museum of the History of Education;

– The Museum of Medical History;

– The Memorial Math Classroom –

– the exhibition of Academician B.V.Rautenbach and Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, A.A. Lyapunov;

– The Space Museum;

– The Museum of Military History and Military Glory.