“Alyosha’s Farmstead” Museum

Yaroslavl Oblast

Contact information

Yaroslavl, Pervomaiskaya Ul., Building 55

Tel .: +7 (910) 973-31-32

E-mail: podvorie-ap@mail.ru


Operating hours

Tue – Sun: 10:00 to 18:00

Mon: Closed

Ticket price

Interactive program (30 min.):

Adults – 250 rubles per person,

Children – 180 rubles per person.

Quest “Baba Yaga Tricks” (40 min.) – 2000 rubles. (groups of up to 4 people);

Educational and thematic programs (30 min.) – 250 rubles per person.

The Founder / Owner of the museum

Alexey Vasilievich Danilov

Museum Director

Natalya Smirnova



About museum

The legendary epic hero Alyosha Popovich moved to the capital city of Yaroslavl from Rostov, where he settled into white-stone chambers with his wife Lyubava. He is pleased to host guests from various cities. Adults and children fall into ancient Russian times, where fairy-tale heroes tell about their heroic deeds and about life in Ancient Russia, present a collection of ancient weapons, and conduct master classes on making protective charms. The owner is Alyosha Popovich himself, with his wife Lyubava Yaroslavskaya. They introduce the guests to Julius the horse and the outlandish descendant of Serpent Gorynych, as well as conduct ceremonies to the hero and she-guardian of the hearth. All wishes written with the feather of the magic bird, the Phoenix, in the izba of Alyosha Popovich come true – it is proven!