Russian Banya Museum in Ramon

Voronezh region

Contact information

Voronezh region, Ramon village, Kommunalny lane, Building 4B

Phone +7 (900) 952-80-11


Operating hours

by appointment

Ticket price

Independent groups of 8 or more people – 550 rubles.

Travel agencies – 495 rubles/person, the tour leader – free admission.

Free admission for children 4 years old and under.

The minimum tour price is 4,000 rubles or 8 people.

The founder, owner, director of the museum

Dmitry Alexandrovich Fedorov



About museum

Our museum is an experimental platform for theatre performances located in functioning commercial baths of the hereditary merchant Dmitry Alexandrovich Fyodorov. The Ramon Baths have been operating since 2011. Then we had an idea to create a theater stage so that our guests could learn about the Russian banya traditions through the medium of theater. The museum opened in September 2020.

The first and only Museum of the Russian Banya in Russia. In Ramon. Experimental theater platform. The repertoire consists of four theatrical programs. Each program ends with a traditional merchant tea party and tasting of the 19th-century desserts.