The Village of the 17th -19th centuries open-air museum

Voronezh region

Contact information

Voronezh region, Ertil, Slavyanskaya ul., building 37a

Tel.: +7 (906) 583-30-61


Ticket price

Adults – 300 rubles

Children – 150 rubles

The museum founder (director / owner)

Vladimir Ivanovich Brezhnev



About museum

The Little Village of the 17th – 19th Centuries museum was created by the honored farmer of Russia, Vladimir Ivanovich Brezhnev, on the basis of the farm called “Chance” in Ertil, Voronezh region. The idea of creating a museum came to Vladimir Ivanovich as a result of meetings with a friend and mentor, writer V.V. Kazarezov. Exhibits were collected bit by bit over more than 10 years. The museum has more than a thousand objects of Russian antiquity, peasant life, and agricultural implements such as steam-driven plows, cultivators, straw choppers, and tools, as well as products of artisans: potters, blacksmiths, carpenters, turners, coopers, and more.

The museum has a loom, in working condition. Unique light sources are presented there, including torches, oil burners, candlesticks, kerosene lamps, and the first electric lamps.

Kitchen utensils are widely represented. The first cooking appliances were kerosene stoves, oil stoves, samovars, earthenware, wooden scoops and spoons, and glass “quarters”.

There are many collections in the museum in addition to the above: folk musical instruments, carpentry, blacksmithing, weight management, hunting and fishing, and much more.