Dairy Banks Museum and Exhibition Complex

Voronezh region

Contact information

Voronezh region, Rossosh city, Belinskogo st., 20, room 4

Tel.: +7 (950) 761-30-17;

E-mail: cowmuseu@yandex.ru


Operating hours

Mon. – Sat: 9:00 – 18:00

lunch break 12:00 – 13:00

Ticket price

Free of charge

The founder and the owner of the museum

DON-AGRO Management Company LLC

The head of the exhibition complex

Korolkova Elena Valerievna



About museum

The history of the museum’s creation dates back to 2017. The first exhibition hall was opened at the initiative of the board of directors of DON-AGRO Management Company LLC, and within a year it grew from 500 to 1,500 exhibits.

In 2019, the collection moved to a larger space in the Emerald Children’s Complex.

In 2021, they won the All-Russian competition of tourist video presentations “Russia’s Wonder” (Divo Rossii).

In 2022, the collection numbers more than 3,500 exhibits brought from 35 countries and began occupying the space of the 1st and 2nd floors of the Children’s Complex.

In 2022 a branch of the museum opened in the village of Evstratovka.

An exclusive series of 30 volumes of the Molochnye Berega series of books has been published.

The museum provides free guided tours for all categories of people.

Our museum is visited by residents and tourists from the district and the region, as well as guests from all over Russia and the world.

Collections (over 50 figurines each) from China, India, Mexico and Europe have already been formed.

There’s the largest collection of miniatures of the international Cow Parade art action in Russia (over 180),18 statuettes “The Abduction of Europa” in different techniques, 211 statuettes made of glass in the artistic, Murano, opal, crystal techniques.

The collection is enriched with antique pieces such as the Kaslino castings, Royal Copenhagen porcelain, Soviet porcelain and Chinese antiques from the beginning of the 20th century.

The most ancient cow of the museum was made in the 1830s – 1840s by the French sculptor Christophe Fratin.

There are cows and bulls from traditional folk crafts: Gzhel (over 120 figurines), Khokhloma, Finift, Kargopol, Podneprovskaya, Semikarakorskaya, Zhabannikovskaya, Abashevskaya, Kovrovskaya, Filimonovskaya, Dymkovskaya, Petrovskaya folk toys.

The materials of the exhibits are jade, onyx, marble, silver, bronze, jasper, cast iron, Swarovski crystals, wood, leather, cotton, paper, clay and wood.

There are three hundred piggy banks in various techniques.

There’s a collection of more than 250 items of crockery in the form of or with the trademark of a cow/bull.

There are half a hundred exhibits from the collection of artistic ceramics by Turov Art.

There are over 200 soft toys, from dancing and singing toys to handmade exhibits.