Museum of Barrels and Cooperage

Vologda Oblast

Contact information

Vologda Region, Kirillovsky district, Russian North National Park, Kuzino Passenger Pier (season 2022).


Tel.: +7(921)545-94-95

Operating hours

In line with the schedule of cruise ship arrivals

Ticket price

Preschoolers – 0 rubles,

Schoolchildren – 50 rubles,

Adult – 100 rubles.

Guided tour: 300 rubles.

Workshop: 300 rubles.

Founder, owner, and director of the museum

Alexander Gennadievich Khokhlov



About museum

The museum works permanently at the Kuzino Pier during summer (May 15 — October 15). The rest of the time (from November to April) it organizes traveling exhibitions in the Vologda region (and neighboring regions) as an intermuseum project at the premises of local museums and art spaces.

The museum functions both independently (offering a 0.5-1.5 hour-long program) and as part of the joint program “Craft Village” of the “Belozersky Princes Frontier Post” History and Museum Complex (Kuzino Passenger River Pier). The joint program features three locations: a historical smithery, a pottery workshop and the Museum of Barrels.

General guided tour (0.5 hours).

Includes the following thematic blocks:

– barrel in fleet (boat keg, buoy mooring, Nikonov’s hidden ship, pirates, etc.);

– barrel in everyday life (sousing, pickling, fermenting);

– barrel in science (volume, packaging, heraldry, Diogenes’s barrel, Liebig’s Barrel, Danaids’ barrel);

– cooperage in Vologda region and Russia (cooper’s workplace, tools, products, wood properties);

– barrel in art (cinema, painting, sculpture, literature);

– barrel and games (bowling alley, playing cards, Russian lotto).

Themed guided tour (in addition to the general tour), duration 1-1.5 hours.


– barrel in the lost trades (foundry, dyeing, fishing, tar production, butter-making, tanning production, winemaking);

– barrel in world history (barrel and torture, Nelson’s barrel, Chkalov’s barrel, barrel in music, etc.);

– barrel makes wine (21+);

– Russian Painted North: little-studied painting techniques of the Russian North (10 types) shown on painted barrels;

– “TheMighty Barrel” (cooperage art gallery: famous paintings by famous artists depicting cooperage products);

– Augmented Reality V.R. Barrel in sculpture (