Museum of antique beer bottles of the Russian Empire

Vologda Oblast

Contact information

56 Chernyshevskogo str., Vologda,Vologda Oblast

Tel.: +7 (921) 068-96-96


Operating hours

9:00 – 18:00

Ticket price

50 rubles

Owner of the museum

Alexander Sergeevich Kokovin



About museum

A. S. Kokovin collects bottles of the Russian Empire with moulded inscriptions or original shapes. The Museum of Glass Bottles has collected more than 600 exhibits, each of which is a valuable artefact in itself. The vessels were made in the times of the Russian Empire, and on some of them, on a closer look, you can see dates and inscriptions. Each of the bottles has its own special shape – the collection includes a “bust” of Pushkin, a leering bear, a circus man on a balloon and many others. In addition, many of the exhibits are made of coloured glass, which plays very beautifully in the rays of backlighting specially installed in the racks.