Volgograd Historical and Technical Museum of Weights and Measures

Volgograd Oblast

Contact information

Volgograd region, Volgograd, Aviator highway, Building 11A,

Tel.: +7 906-400-40-20



Operating hours

On weekdays 9:00 – 18:00 (except holidays).

On weekends – group visits by prior appointment

Ticket price

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Entrance tickets*:

(the service includes an independent visit to the main exhibition, without a guide) for 1 person: adult ticket – 300 rubles, full-time student ticket – 200 rubles

*Photo permit and audio guide are included in the ticket price.

Guided tour tickets:

(available for organized groups of 10+ people with entrance tickets) for 1 person:

adult ticket – 100 rubles

full-time student ticket – 50 rubles

The founder and owner of the museum

Evgeny Vladimirovich Ostapenko

Director of the museum

Kuznetsova Oksana Valeryevna



About museum

The Volgograd Historical and Technical Museum of Weights and Measures was founded in 2009 as part of Volgograd Factory of Weighing Equipment, LLC. Today, the museum is an honorary member of the International Society of Antique Scale Collectors (Europe), as well as a member of the German society of metrologists and collectors “Maß und Gewicht”.

This unique Russian museum teaches about the traditions of Russian and world weighing scales production and the history of scales. The museum’s collection includes more than 2,400 priceless exhibits, most of them ranging from 100 to 300 years old, but there are also some unique items dating from the 12th-14th centuries. The museum displays numerous antique scales and steelyard balances, photographs, postcards, books, brochures, and catalogs of manufacturers of the past centuries — everything related to scales and weights. The visitors can see German postal scales, Polish mercantile “duck” scales, English pocket scales for coins, Russian steelyard balance in the shape of a mace, Austrian baby scales, incredibly precise laboratory scales from the Soviet times, Eastern figured scale weights, American egg scales and martini scales, Russian pood weights, and Chinese opium scales.

The museum aims to preserve, study and promote the world history of scales as one of the most ancient and interesting inventions of mankind.

Museum scientists research the world history of scales. As part of a promotion, the website publishes a column “Ask the Expert”, where anyone can get an answer to their question about the history of scales or the weights and scales they own.